Safety Management System

Offering its clients high-quality and safe services, the Company provides a high level of safety in its activities and strictly follows international and national standards and norms in the field of maritime safety and pollution prevention.

The priority and primary responsibility of each employee of JSC Rosnefteflot is:

  • Protection the life and health
  • Providing Safety at sea
  • Prevention of environmental pollution

For the purpose of optimal and effective safety management, the Company operates a Safety Management System (SMS), which is part of the Safety and Quality Management System (SQMS).

The SMS provides management of the Company's fleet in accordance with the requirements of Chapter IX (SOLAS-74) "International Code for the Management of Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention" (ISM Code). ISM Code requirements are mandatory for shipping companies, regardless of the flag of the vessel and the form of ownership.

SMS JSC Rosnefteflot was developed, implemented in the Company in 1999, certified by the classification societies - the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping and the Russian River Register, maintained and constantly improved in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code, which is confirmed by the annual re-confirmation of the validity of the Company's compliance documents.

The maintenance of the SMS includes procedures for ensuring the safe operation of ships, authority and lines of communication between personnel on board and ashore, procedures for reporting accidents and contingencies, training schemes for personnel in such situations and actions in the event of accidents, procedures for auditing and improving implemented Safety Management System.