River transportation organization

River transportation organization on behalf of PAO NK Rosneft in Volga-Don, Azov-Don, Volga and Volga-Baltic basins.

In river transportation during summer navigation, more than 170 river tankers and tug/barge towing arrangements are involved.

  • Shipping dimensions within summer navigation period are about 5 million tons.
  • Carry cargo assortment: residual fuel oil, export heavy oil fuel, diesel fuel, LVMF, alkylate

Ports of loading:

Harbor quays of Samara Oil Refinery Group:

  • Samara, Kashpir, Syzran
  • Oktyabrsk

Quays of Saratov Oil Refinery:

  • Saratov, Uvek
  • Yablonevy Zaton (Zhigulevsk)

JSC ANK Bashneft quays

  • Ufa; 
  • Yaroslavl roads 
  • aroslavl oil handling terminal

Harbors of discharge

South direction:

  • Roads transshipment complex of Kavkaz harbor (RPR-2), disembarkation on storage tankers

North direction:

  • Saint-Petersburg harbor (PRP)
  •  Sillamae harbor (Estonia)
  • Paldiski harbor (Estonia)