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25 september 2017

Rosneft signed a package agreement on the construction, leasing and operation of large-capacity Aframax tankers

Rosneft has signed the bundle agreement on building, leasing and operation of large-capacity tankers type “Aframaks”.

As the result of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visit on SSK Zvezda, the package agreement about engineering, building, technical supervision, operation and crew training of 5 tankers type “Aframaks” was signed. The Agreement was prepared with the support of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation The participants of the Agreement are PJSC NK Rosneft, PJSC Sovkomflot, PJSC State Transport Leasing Company, JSC Rosnefteflot and SSK Zvezda LLC.

Vessels will be built in cooperation with South Korea partner of SSK Zvezda - Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd. and will be brought into service in 2021. PAO Sovkomflot will be the project operator.

Tankers working on gas engine fuel (LNG) are the vessels of new generation engineered with due regard of Sovkomflot, Rosnefteflot and other Russian carriers operating experience. Vessels comply to the highest ecological standards and new rules regarding sulfur, nitrogen oxides and greenhouse gases emission limitation in Baltic and North sea basins. The length of one tanker is 250 meters, width — 44 meters, draft — 15 meters, deadweight — 114 thousand tons, speed – 14.6 knots. Vessels will have ice class ICE-1B.

Thus Rosneft orders portfolio for the tankers of “Aframaks” type expands to 10 units, that is the biggest in recent time serial order on Russian shipbuilding yards.

Signed Agreements will aid the development of high-end technologies of cargo vessels engineering, localization of their manufacture within shipbuilding and industrial clusters on the Far East of Russia.

Companies will strive for the further expansion of orders portfolio on SSK Zvezda.

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